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Men's A setting current course record, 2016. View more videos

This past year in Raceday 2016, we set a new course record, raised the standard for Sweepstakes (buggy), and demonstrated that we are a team worth remembering. However, this feat was not easy to achieve - we sacrificed the little free time we had during our difficult semesters in Carnegie Mellon University to prepare, with only two days to prove to everyone else who we are and what we do. Our unparalleled performance is a result of the devotion and dedication that comes from every pusher, driver, and mechanic on the team.

To this date, our records remain unbroken and we work endlessly to improve ourselves as a team. If you are interested in finding out more about us, we invite you to read what some of our teammates had to say about their time with us. We can show you what it means to cooperate, trust, and depend on each other better than anyone else. We are a team of friends. We are fast. We are SDC.


Mechanic's Blurb

by Camilla Xu, Head Mechanic 2016-present

I joined SDC Buggy as a mechanic because I heard that I would be building things, and I guess I've always had a knack for that--building things. But pretty soon, I realized that being a mechanic, being an SDC mechanic, had more to it than just building things.

It's about that moment in the workshop when you can pat yourself on the back for creating a beautiful and robust piece of art from scratch.

It's about that moment walking along Tech St, breathing the morning air and feeling the liveliness stir within you.

It's about that moment at the finish line, euphoria overbrimming as the buggy safely turns through the curve.

It's about teamwork, dedication, and a passion you will not find anywhere else on the campus of Carnegie Mellon.

My heart is one of a mechanic, and it lies in SDC Buggy.

Driver's Blurb

by Annie Black, Head Driver 2015-present

Driving a buggy is insane. Headfirst, flying down a hill, alone but for the sound of your buggy and the road and your heart pounding from the thrill of the ride--there is simply nothing like being a driver.

Of course, speed did not always mean everything to me. Although my small size and my childhood ability to fit into every nook and cranny was why I joined the sport, I was anything but a daredevil and was convinced I’d be out of there after my first run in a buggy, patting myself on the back for trying something new in college even though it hadn’t been for me.

Instead, I found something indescribable. Incredulous strangers ask about the claustrophobia and the early mornings, but this sport gave an experience that goes beyond any of that, as well as a team that has had my back every day of the year. Becoming a driver was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made, and this sport has given me the confidence to take charge of opportunities that would have terrified me a couple of years ago. After all, if I can drive a buggy, what can’t I do?

Pusher's Blurb

by Alex Cerny, Push Captain 2015-present

Why do I push? Well, on the cold March night when I pushed a buggy for the first time, I couldn't tell you. It just felt right. I felt powerful and fast, not generally feelings you get while pushing a person-filled bullet on wheels. But pushing a buggy is nothing like pushing a shopping cart.

Why do I push buggy? Because on my first weekend of rolls I got blown by at 20 mph by a yellow torpedo and it took my breath away. Not just from catching up to it but out of sheer awe at the mechanical skill put into the buggy. My role was clear. I wanted to match this amazing piece of work speed for speed. It was my job to push this buggy as fast and hard as I could not just to win, but to show off what my mechanic friends had built.

Why do I push buggy? Because whether I mess up or whether I have the greatest race of my life, my team is right behind me. My friends and I have in-jokes with the drivers, cheer each other on as we race up the back hills, make pancakes like you would not believe, and then go for coffee after rolls so we can start our mountains of homework.

Why do I push buggy? Because I am pusher. I am part of a tight, hardcore team that I wouldn't leave for the world. Whether it's 7 AM or midnight, I'm ready for the thrill of chasing that bullet.